Recent Work

Forest Park Conservancy
Forest Park Conservancy maintains trails, restores habitat, and inspires community appreciation for Portland's greatest natural treasure.
Transition Projects
Whether by helping a homeless veteran find housing, sheltering hundreds of people each night, or opening new pathways to employment, Transition Projects represents an invaluable part of Portland’s social fabric.

Our Services

The Interactive Dept. has a passion for helping organizations discover what makes them unique and sharing that story and expertise with the communities they serve. We use a combination of digital marketing strategies – fueled by analytics and market research – to connect your organization with those who need it.

Branding + Messaging

Why does an organization exist? That's the simple question we strive to answer and then share with the world. Those efforts and stories and passions deserve to be shared! We believe this — and we make it happen through a combination of new technologies and time-tested truths.

Visual Identity

Successful non-profits have strong visual brands that remain consistent across all forms of collateral, from the web and social media to sponsorship placement and signage. Every point of engagement your with your community should reflect the organization's brand.

Digital Marketing

Even the greatest of messages hold very little value if nobody hears them. Getting your brand story out into the world requires more than just setting up the tools. It's a combination of strategy, creativity and technical prowess that uses real data to make measurable improvements.

Websites + Email

Your website is the central portal that all efforts point back to. From event registration to fund-raising, education to advocacy — we create engaging websites and compelling email marketing campaigns to make certain your content connects with donors, volunteers and more.

Fundraising + Events

The lifeblood of any organization is its fund-raising efforts. We use the latest technology to connect you to donors and report on those efforts. From recurring monthly contributions to registration for large events, we're familiar with the tools you need to reach and exceed your goals.

Social Media

Social media marketing requires a clear strategy and measurable goals applied across whatever channels your audience is presently engaged with. We help organization plan and develop engaging content – then distribute that content on appropriate channels and measure its performance.

Work With Us

If your company or organization is looking to re-imagine itself, that's a conversation we would love to have. Take a moment to fill out the form and we'll be in touch to discuss your project and learn more.

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